Wilton Electrical


When Glenn from Wilton Electrical approached us, he was the brand-new owner of a small electrical business. With 15 years’ experience in the Newcastle region he was already known, respected and trusted in the community, and wanted a brand image for his new business that reflected this. Wild and Free Media were excited to play a role in the development of building Wilton Electricals image as a professional, friendly, reliable and trustworthy brand.

We create a range of marketing materials for Wilton Electrical that presented them as an electrical business they could trust. 

To do this, we first designed a clever icon for their logo, which incorporated the ‘W’ of Wilton and had clear, crisp lines to promote the professional image. The colours used in the logo were intended to reflect Newcastle’s beach aesthetics and displayed Glenn’s pride in his local community. 

We also developed a website that was clear, had a logical structure and was easy to navigate. Testimonials were included in the website to display the trustworthy and reliable nature of the business, as well as their popularity in the community. 

Car signage was also used to promote a recognisable brand image on the work vehicles. The local community are now familiar with the Wilton’s vans and utes due to the logo and imagery on them. 

In order to promote their professionalism, we also designed a corporate stationary suite including business cards and letterheads. The professional image this created for the business assisted in building trust with their clients and increasing the likelihood of forming lasting relationships with Wilton Electrical.
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