Cessnock City Council


Cessnock City Council, in conjunction with the Environmental Protection Agency, came to us for help in combatting Illegal dumping, which was becoming a serious issue in the area. The local council needed to take action to keep their town clean and safe. It was essential that the messages within this campaign were strong and forceful, in order to resonate with the main offenders as well as those that witnessed the illegal dumping.

The tagline; ‘Better not mess with Cessnock’ was created to call on local pride and encourage the community to take ownership of keeping their town clean. To create an authoritative tone, we got in touch with local celebrities that held influence in the community. The tagline was paired with imagery of these influential local figures with their arms folded across their chest to provide gravity to the campaign.

This imagery and tagline was featured on vehicle signage, press ads and social media for maximum, targeted reach in the community. By using influential locals taking a stance against illegal dumping, Wild and Free Media were able to evoke a sense of realness and relevance of the campaign, as well as encourage others to take a similar stance.
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