Maxim Accounting


As a well-established accounting firm in Newcastle, Maxim had a recognised brand and thriving business. However, as a large organisation with many inter-departments and therefore many different clients, Maxim needed some assistance to create a cohesive brand voice and story that could be rolled out across the entire business.

To give the company a more consistent approach to their communications, both internally and externally, Wild and Free Media developed a brand style guide for Maxim. 

This style guide incorporated the company’s brand voice, story, proposition and rationale, while also addressing all visual aspects of the brand’s use. 

Using the style guide, we also developed new logo designs for the inter-departments, while also creating new Word and PowerPoint templates. 

By introducing some parameters around Maxim’s original brand and its application, Wild and Free Media helped the business create a unified approach to their communications. This process ensured that no matter what department was speaking to which client, they were all talking the same language. 
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