Whitakers Portfolio


As an industry leader, Whitakers is one of the longest standing Jewellery stores in the hunter. So there is no question ‘The love is eternal’ face is one John Whitaker knows well. Whitakers, was positioned as a well know Newcastle jeweller, with a focus on custom design. The skills John has obtained have been a coagulation of life experience, family legacy and education. 

Over the past 20 years, John Whitaker has designed rings for over 1000 couples. But with the strong focus on the Whitakers legacy, John’s qualifications and priceless diamond education in gemology was not the focus.

Technology and online automaticity has challenged the once solid Whitakers jewellery legacy. Where there once stood a ‘custom design’ jewellery niche, fast became a flooded ‘custom’ online market. With the only real differentiator being a strong legacy – but in todays competitive online market, that just wasn't enough to see new business through the door.

This shift in industry and social changes called for a new unique point of difference to engage the new generation and younger market, whilst still paying homage to the brand legacy and their loyal clientele. 

Reframing Whitakers as the ‘Diamond Specialists’ was an obvious and natural move. We re-positioned Whitakers with John’s education and experience – qualifying them as specialists, not only through John's education, but his craftsmanship, skill and of course experience.

We embraced and engaged the new market with an online and social strategy and fast became the diamond standard of Newcastle.

For over 100 years, the Whitakers legacy lives on, shining brighter than ever before, now with a bright online presence and new insight. Some say a diamond is forever, well its clear at Whitakers it truly is.
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