Table 1 Espresso Portfolio


Wild and free media and Table 1 Espresso have two things in common. That’s the appreciation of amazing food and the perfect coffee.

Table 1 came to us as an indulgent café with beautifully crafted, delicious, decadent foods. It was no wonder they already had people talking about them in the news and social media. My mouth is watering just writing it.

But the brand that did not express the luxury it was delivering. Through Facebook and Instagram combined, their total following is over 10,000 people. Wowsers!

The only thing missing was a signature look to get them noticed for the classic café they were fast becoming.

The solution was clear. We designed a brand that reflected a signature, timeless look to compliment their mantra and tagline “Perfection is our passion”.

We delivered a new logo and visual brand presence, which would compliment and complete the already strong word of mouth exposure.

We took it to the street and evolved the brand from humble beginnings to giving it the x-factor it deserved - to get noticed on a busy Newcastle highway.

Flaunting a dark, moody and clean visual, the brand immediately gained more recognition and respect and correlated with the vision that George had always imagined for the brand.

As they say in the coffee world, once you go black. You never go flat.
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