Space Design Architecture


Space Design Architecture (SDA) came to Wild and Free Media already as a successful and reputable architecture firm in Newcastle. Formed in 2012, SDA is a team of experienced architects, designers and project managers who create inspiring spaces using accessible materials in interesting ways. 

Their challenge to us was to help them create a viable business with a good variety of stimulating projects – where they could utilise their abilities to solve design issues and create value and quality spaces for their clients.

Always at the ready for an experiment, we conducted an intensive brand workshop that uncovered the deep-rooted essence of SDA – people are the most important material  they work with. From that positioning statement grew the concept of ‘Tested on Humans’.

For SDA, humans are who they are designing for and also who they are working with. The way they design, the way they work with suppliers, builders, consultants, contractors and of course clients – all these aspects have been ‘Tested on Humans.’ This compelling message appeals to any stakeholder and shows that SDA are focused on their needs, whether they be a developer, prospective employee, consultant, builder, project developer or an end user of the space they create for. 

We believed it was imperative to showcase how relationships are at the epicentre of SDA. Their sense of humour and the way they work with their clients and consultants all demonstrate just how much they value people and good relationships. The better the relationships, the better the briefs, the better the solutions, the better the outcomes for everybody.
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