RM Interior Design


Rebecca Miller came to Wild and Free Media when she was in the early stages of establishing her business, RM Interior Design. In need of a visual brand identity, website and business cards, Rebecca understood the importance of getting the look, feel and positioning of her brand right from the beginning. 

Additionally, coming from an architectural background with a very good handle of the market, Rebecca was aware of the need to create a unique brand that stood out from her competitors, while also reflecting her professional standards and experience. It was up to Wild and Free Media to capture the essence of RM Interior Design and translate this into the design.

Wild and Free Media worked closely with Rebecca to gain as much insight into RM Interior Design as possible – what it stood for, what was unique about it and what it aspired to achieve. 

Using this information, we created a unique, premium-feel logo with slick lines and a bold font to represent Rebecca’s expertise and confidence. We also developed RM Interior Design’s website, corporate photography and business cards, which all echoed the brand’s hallmarks of high-quality and professionalism. 
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