Keystone Lawyers Portfolio


“If it’s important to the client, it’s important to us.”  This is the philosophy of our friends at Keystone Lawyers.

And let's be honest, visiting a lawyer isn’t the most exciting, relaxing or cheapest thing to do. It’s usually something you’re not looking forward to doing and Keystone Lawyers is aware of this.

With an already great philosophy, our mission was clear.

We needed to re-frame the act of visiting lawyers. By doing this we evolved a  likeable, professional brand into one that people could look forward to engaging with – knowing they are dealing with a team that is always one step ahead.

In order to rejuvenate the brand and keep their strategic and professional industry voice alive, we did a logo evolution, created a series of ads, developed a new website featuring case studies and professional profiles, which were all aligned with their existing collateral.

Adding the care-factor to their website not only targets the clients they wanted to engage with, but also differentiated them in an industry that can be seen as quite cold and harsh.
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