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Cveta came to us just looking for a new tagline. But she left with so much more.

Cveta’s personal brand story began 3 years ago. Cveta is an unconventional Newcastle-based real estate agent with a genuine personality that shines through in all aspects of her life. But after 3 years of the same message. We felt it was time to bring more to the table and instead of focusing on what, we focussed on why.

Cveta’s powerful mantra of “Real talk, Expert Real estate” positions her as a daring agent in a sea of industry sameness. She’s not just about selling houses, she’s about keeping it real with you.

Our task was to unlock the value this mantra and position her name as the genuine down-to-earth person she is.

‘Cveta, the realest in real estate.’ 

We put Cveta’s mantra into action and developed a campaign which encompasses her personality and is centred around the act of telling the truth and being real. 

CVETA, “Real talk, Expert Real estate”

Because of an already strong reputation in the industry, we were about to re-frame the directed attention. The mere presence of realness and expertise increases attention and trust in the directed audience.
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