Newcastle City Hall


Stone Mason & Artists came to Wild and Free Media with a challenge that we had not yet faced as a company. We were asked to transform Newcastle's City Hall into a more user-friendly site and disguise the current renovations taking place on the monumental building.

City Hall was still to have the same look prior to renovations, allowing the building to blend in with the current city scape, and not be overtaken by scaffolding and building works.

Wild and Free Media carried out extensive research into different methods of achieving this goal. Finally we concluded the most effective way was to wrap the building and surrounding scaffolding with a giant ‘Christoesque’ mesh. 

With a photoshopped impression of the finished project printed on the outside. Our main concern for the concept was ensuring the accuracy of the image printed on the mesh. Wild and Free Media set about taking a substantial number of photos of the building, ensuring we captured every angle. We then calculated the exact size of the wrap. 

Our design team then painstakingly pieced together each photo, recreating the City Hall. This was then applied to a heavy duty outdoor mesh wrapping. 

The end result was a printed mesh measuring 150 x 15 metres, that covered the entire building. We believe the way we disguised the building whilst work takes place was very effective and allowed the architecture of the building to be showcased. The wrap still stands today and will remain until completion of the project, estimated to be in 2018. 
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